Tony Moly x Pokemon Eyeshadow Swatches!

Hi friends! I grabbed this cute little eyeshadow trio about a month ago. This is a collaboration between Pokemon and Tony Moly. I’ve been an avid Pokemon player since I was seven and was so in love with this adorable palette. Let’s check it out!

When this came in the mail, I seriously squeaked for joy because I love pikachu and it is just.too.cute.

The back of the box is in Korean and we can see that this product has a 24 month expiration date, is recyclable and has a cool pokemon holographic sticker.

Here is what this cute palette looks like when it is outside of the box. It has the same graphic and this is a very sturdy palette made of hard plastic.

The back of the palette has the expiration date and the recyclable symbols. This also shows us that there are three shades in this palette and two are shimmer shadows and one matte.

Here’s the inside of the palette. It has a decent sized mirror and a cute sleeve featuring pikachu and the pokeball. There is a sponge-tip applicator but I don’t use them.

Here are some swatches of the shades included in this cute collectors’ piece. This palette will make a nice smoky eye but it does have a lot of fallout.

I used this palette on my recent camping trip and it was so small and easy to use. Like I noted above, there is a lot of fallout but it creates a nice three-toned look.