Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Stack Swatches!

Hi everybody! This is the last stack that I own so until I grab the other two, the three should be of help that I have on here! This one is the Love Sick Stack. It has a beautiful array of colors that vary from a shimmery peach to a blue gray shade. Let’s check out the packaging!

Here is the Love Sick Stack. It look identical to the other two that I showed you before 🙂
Here’s the stack with the colors shown and me playing with the magnets of course 🙂 you can see all the different shades included in here.
Here you can see the bottom of the stack. It has the names of the shades on each pan, the website and a serial number which is 1501 LS. I’m not sure if these are being duped or not but I would rather be safe than sorry. 🙂

Okay! Yay! Swatch time!

Here they are! Amelie is at the top showing off a really nice shimmer. This I have used as a blush or subtle highlight that works wonderfully. Promiscuous is a duochrome purple to blue shade. Love Sick is a dark matte red. Fixated is that blue gray that I mentioned in the intro. You can make a killer smoky eye with this stack.

Okay there we have it with this stack! I think I said before that these retail for about $50 but this company has the fastest shipping ever. I’ve ordered and received things in three days! Considering that I live in Pennsylvania and they ship from California, that is super fast! 🙂


Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack Swatches!

Hi! I hope that you all had a good holiday! Today we’re going to take a lol at more of Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow stacks. I think I noted before that there are five stacks in total but I only have three of them. This one is an awesome celebration of neon colors. 

Here’s the stack all stacked up! Haha! All the stacks look identical when stored so usually what I do is put a color that I remember from each so I know which one I’m looking at 🙂
I love how these are magnetic so you can stack them all artsy and have some fun! Check out how bright these are!
Here’s the bottom of them! There’s nothing that really stands out. They have the name of the shade on each pan, the company’s website and the serial number. It was hard to catch but this serial number is 15M1R.

I have the swatches for these of course! Done in the typical finger and then brush swatch! 

Aren’t these fantastic?! You can use all of these on the eye for a funky neon look or just use two for a subtle look. Radon is really the only one that is a bit chalky and has some fallout but nothing that will frustrate you.

That’s it for this stack! I have one more to go and then the three that I have will be on the site 🙂

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack Swatches!

Hi there! It is another gloomy and rainy day where I live so I decided to swatch and show two palettes and then wait for my Rituel De Fille package to arrive. I have three Melt stacks out of the five they have out. I love how these eyeshadows are packaged and if you haven’t seen them yet, here you go!

They stack! All of these magnetize together to form a palette that takes up minimal space. 🙂
Here’s the bottom of the shadow stack. Each shadow has its own individual circle and label. This one has the serial number on it. I’m not sure if this is being duplicated or not but it doesn’t hurt to be safe!
Here’s the stack! I love these so much! The top circle has a mirror! You can also see that it has a nice selection of shades to make a beautiful red smokey eye.

I have the swatches of these four shades for you all with the same finger and brush demonstration.

Here they are! All of these have great pigmentation and blend really well! Enigma does have a chalky texture but it doesn’t change how great it blends. Dark Matter is very matte black and a little goes a long way. Unseen and Blurr are two of my favorite base or crease shades of all time.

There are a bunch of these stacks for sale on Melt’s website along with some beautiful lipsticks. I believe this stack retailed around $45.