Tony Moly x Pokemon Eyeshadow Swatches!

Hi friends! I grabbed this cute little eyeshadow trio about a month ago. This is a collaboration between Pokemon and Tony Moly. I’ve been an avid Pokemon player since I was seven and was so in love with this adorable palette. Let’s check it out!

When this came in the mail, I seriously squeaked for joy because I love pikachu and it is just.too.cute.

The back of the box is in Korean and we can see that this product has a 24 month expiration date, is recyclable and has a cool pokemon holographic sticker.

Here is what this cute palette looks like when it is outside of the box. It has the same graphic and this is a very sturdy palette made of hard plastic.

The back of the palette has the expiration date and the recyclable symbols. This also shows us that there are three shades in this palette and two are shimmer shadows and one matte.

Here’s the inside of the palette. It has a decent sized mirror and a cute sleeve featuring pikachu and the pokeball. There is a sponge-tip applicator but I don’t use them.

Here are some swatches of the shades included in this cute collectors’ piece. This palette will make a nice smoky eye but it does have a lot of fallout.

I used this palette on my recent camping trip and it was so small and easy to use. Like I noted above, there is a lot of fallout but it creates a nice three-toned look.


Tony Moly Therapy Pack Clay Masks!

Hi friends. Serious question. Do you like to paint? Do you like clay masks for your face? Tony Moly has come out with the raddest therapy clay masks ever. I purchased mine from their site for $6.50 each. I have every color and will walk you through how to apply, what each clay is used for on your face and how you can mix and match them for custom skincare! These masks have Lava and Kaolin Clay and Bentonite in them and are 100% natural! 

Here they are! I love how they look like paint tubes! They have an adorable design that shows what shade is in each tube.
Here are the backs of the tubes. All the writing is in Korean which is why I’m going to do a lot of talking in this post.
Here is all my lines of clay mask! See how they look like paint? I apologize for the yellow. Apparently one shade had to be a non-conformist. I labeled what each color helps with.

In going to show you how to apply this properly to your face. 

This is my face before I started applying the clay. Make sure you wash it before you start.
For the first mask, I applied the black on my nose and forehead. Not to be too gross but my nose and forehead get really oily. This clay has Damyang bamboo charcoal in it to help control sebum and oil, and get rid of dead skin so your skin is cleaned from the inside out. What is Sebum? Sebum is a waxy secretion that the sebaceous glands make to help waterproof skin and hair. 🤢
This second step is for brightening your skin. There are rice and pearl extracts that help brighten dull skin. The under eye is always a dull area so obvious help was needed!
The third mask applied was the pink one. This one has calamine extract to help hydrate and soothe irritated and inflamed skin. I have a little sore pimple that appeared yesterday and my chin is always a problem dry area for me.
For the fourth mask, it acts like a gel and it has Marine Moist 3-Complex in it to help soothe and hydrate. I waxed my upper lip yesterday so added this to the area to help burn and soreness. Basically Marine complex are seaweed extracts.
The last mask was the yellow one. This mask is a cream clay that has Sweet Almond oil and Almond Seed powder in it to deeply moisturize dry and dehydrated skin. I’m not that dry unless on my chin but applied into my outer eye area and strip of my cheeks that I sometimes have problems with.
When all are applied, it says to leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. I left mine on for 15.
After the 15 minutes were up, you just wash away with lukewarm water. This is my skin afterward. It doesn’t look dull and it thankfully took a lot of the oil away!

There you have It! I’m going to list some color mixing help now just in case you have combination skin and want to use them!

Black + Pink = Gray clay for oily yet easily irritated skin. 

Yellow + Pink = Orange clay for irritated dry skin

White + Yellow = Lemon clay for dull and dry skin

Yellow + Blue = Green clay for serious dry skin that need hydration! Possibly in the winter! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and information! Xo

Tony Moly Black Tea Sheet Mask!

Hi everybody! This morning I decided to do a sheet mask fairly early. This Black Tea mask I got as a gift in my Tony Moly order. This mask has 100% pure Black Tea extract and smells like Fruit Loops. I was happy 🙂 

I was doing some quick reading online about these since I didn’t order it purposely. It says that their company teamed up with a British tea company, Taylors of Harrogate. They used their black tea with probiotics to create this mask.
Here is the back of the package. It has the ingredients listed and directions in Korean and English.
Here is the actual mask. It doesn’t have anything special or fancy to it. 🙂
I applied the black tea mask and pretty much I apply around the eyes first and then smooth out as I go.
They say to keep it on anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. I went the full twenty minutes.
After the twenty minutes, I removed the mask by my cheek area and pulled it off.
After you remove the mask make sure that you massage the essence into your skin. Yay for moisture!

This was seriously a really nice gift that they hooked me up with. The thing that I love the most besides the smell of it is the fact that the leftover essence didn’t make my skin sticky afterward. I’ve been struggling with that looking for a mask that wouldn’t make me feel too oily or over moisturized. Xo

Tony Moly Runaway Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Pack!

Phew. That title was a mouthful! But I’m a sucker for cute packaging and Korean skincare 🙂 you may remember my review on another Korean three-step blackhead remover. (If not, check it out right here.) These cute strawberry packs came in a pack of two for $7. Or, you can purchase from Amazon right here:

[TONYMOLY] Seedless Strawberry Seeds 3-step Nose Pack 6g (1. 5 Set)

Here is the packaging. There is a strawberry with a pore strip on his face! SO. CUTE! I’m dying here! It shows on the side with illustrations what each step is going to assist with. 

The back of the packaging has those cute strawberries all over it. There are also directions in Korean with pictures and in English on the very bottom in blue.

For Step One you want to make sure you clean the area that you’re going to be using the strips. So on your nose and under eye area. Take the step one strip out of the yellow part of the package place it on the area. Note how my adorable child wanted to help with this 😂😂
For the Step One strip, it says to keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes. I kept mine on for 20.
After the 20 minutes are up, you want to remove it by grabbing a corner and pulling it off. Note the child creeping on this activity. 😂😂
For the Step Two strip (located in the pink part of the packaging), make sure you wet your skin and dry your hands before application. You want to remove the film from the strip and place it right on the area you prepped on Step One. We’re showing what step we’re on with our fingers!
It says to keep this strip on for 10 to 15 minutes or until the strip is completely dry. I kept mine on for 15 minutes.
After your 15 minutes and the strip is completely dry, you want to slowly remove the strip on one of the edges.
Here is the Step Two strip with my blackheads to show that it works! These strips worked better than the Elizavecca brand. I have very tiny pores so there wasn’t much gross on this guy.
This is the Step Three strip! You have to remove the film on both sides and it is in the middle. Fragile!
This is what the Step Three strip looks like applied. It is a silicone type strip that is full of moisturizer to calm down the area you treated. It smells like strawberries. A great plus.
For the last step, you want to keep it on for 5 to 10 minutes. I kept mine on for ten minutes.
At the end of the ten minutes, you just peel off the edge and then make sure you massage the essence on the treated area.

I liked these a lot more than the ones that I tried before! It was nice to see on the second strip that blackheads were actually removed. These are a bit time consuming, about 45 minutes in total, but the added steps are so beneficial to your skin! Xo